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Just because you own a small quick serve restaurant doesn't mean you might not have security risks for customers. Anything that can go wrong usually does, especially if you have any precarious places around your restaurant where someone could get hurt.

Lighting is of utmost importance in keeping your customers safe, both indoors and outdoors. The reason LED's help in safety is because it's a directional light source over more diffuse light from incandescent or fluorescent systems.

Take a look at how you can get LED lighting into your restaurants this year through our service at MultiSite LED.

Safety Around Your Tables

Any public place could have safety issues, even something as simple as dark areas around tables or chairs. If you keep your seating area fairly dark with dim lighting, customers could easily trip on a table or chair leg.

Should you have a hard floor, this could lead to someone easily spraining an ankle. Someone could even hit their head, leading to even more serious injuries.

While many of our own LED lighting projects in fast-food restaurants led to major lifetime energy savings, we consistently note the safety aspects as well.

Safety with LED lighting doesn't have to apply to a single-story quick serve restaurant like yours. Your interior design may have a unique structure requiring a better lighting plan.

safety in quick serve restaurants

LED Lighting Around Stairs

Some restaurants require wait staff to climb steps to reach another layer or floor. Perhaps you've designed your quick serve restaurant like this, adding another risk to your waiters and customers.

Statistics show the majority of accidents occurring in public places usually involves falling on stairs. It's all the more reason to seriously consider what kind of lighting you're using around any places where you have steps.

Maybe you have designer stairs (like spiraling steps) as part of your restaurant's design brand. You're going to need LED lighting here to avoid serious accidents. Fortunately, LED lighting can come in different forms to make it easy to light each individual step, including the railings.

Using LED lighting for outdoor steps is just as essential. Those of you who live in overly rainy climates need particular care on outdoor steps to avoid anyone slipping.

LED Lighting in the Kitchen

Time to think about the safety of your own kitchen staff as well if you already haven't. By placing LED lighting in the kitchen area, your chefs and other kitchen employees gain more safety.

Considering they have to use knives to cut up food and work over hot stoves, they're going to need lighting that thoroughly lights up the area. Since LED's don't generate as much heat, it'll also feel cooler in the kitchen on hot days. To reduce any potential heat-related illness, this should become a major selling point.

So if you think LED lights would make your interior safer, what about your parking lot?

safety in quick serve restaurants

LED Lighting in the Parking Area for Complete Security

More and more restaurants are starting to use LED lighting in parking areas, including parking garages.

In the chance your quick serve restaurant expanded its hours to include late-night dining (if not 24-hour service), it could become dangerous in your parking lot without proper lighting overhead.

Just a simple pothole in the pavement could make someone trip if the spot isn't well lit. Using multiple LED lights in your lot will brighten the whole area so it'll look as bright as day.

As a deterrent on crime, LED lights are also a good investment. A well-lit parking area is going to make a crime less apt to occur when someone walks to your restaurant in the middle of the night.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to use our LightShare program to get your quick serve restaurant upgraded to LED lighting. Our program has a no-money-down policy for the ultimate in savings.

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