LED Lighting Commercial Applications: Use in Your Shopping Center

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Managing a shopping center is equivalent to being a circus ringmaster considering you have to make things work for all businesses operating in your mall. Part of this comes in effectively maintaining parts of the shopping center interior where your customers walk and shop.  While you may focus on aesthetics and other attractions to please customers, how much do you pay attention to lighting?

If you haven't realized lighting affects your mall aesthetics more than anything, it's time to realize what you're missing. Most importantly, you need to ditch old lighting systems you're using in favor of LED's to improve things on more than one level.

Typical Lighting Used in Shopping Malls

Since shopping malls in America have been around since the mid 20th century, many of them continue to stick with the same type of lighting systems. You may still use old fluorescent lights, only because you perceive them as being brighter for use at your entrance or over walkways.

Switching to LED lighting is better because it's more directional as just starters. When you want to highlight displays or specific signage at your entrance, this is far more ideal.

On an energy-saving level, LED's are going to save you up to 80% at maximum on your energy bills. You'll see this reflect after just a few weeks of use.

Use of LED Lighting Over Food Courts

While you'll want to make the entrance of your mall appealing, you also want to improve the aesthetics of other money-making ventures. You may own some food courts that set up throughout the mall to provide additional income for operating expenses.

As small as these courts are, it's the equivalent of fast-casual dining for many people. The great thing about LED lighting is that the directional aspects to them help highlight food. Many LED's have color-rendering properties, which is why grocery stores often use them.

Food courts are always going to have various foods on display. Having LED lighting overhead makes those products look more appealing. More so, LED's affect the mood of your customers to a point where they may buy more casual food in the process. The science behind how these lights affect moods when shopping is substantial.

Using LED Lighting Over the Entrances to Mall Stores

To work well with stores occupying your mall space, you'll want to work closely with them to create quality lighting over their entrance spaces.

They'll all be competing with other stores sometimes feet away. Nevertheless, using LED lighting over their entrances gives them a fair way to compete with one another. Because they'll all be using the best possible lighting, they can highlight specific signage or products in their display windows to their target demographics.

Evidence shows more and more retail stores now use LED lighting, and your mall stores should do the same. This includes using them throughout store interiors rather than just at the entrance.

The Challenge of Installing LED Lights in Your Large Mall

Do you know exactly how large your shopping center is? To switch over to LED lights throughout the entire mall, it's going to take some time. As a result, you may balk at switching, especially at the possible downtime and cost.

Don't fret, because when you find the right source to guide you through a large LED transition, it becomes a major money-saver in the long run.

At MultiSite LED, we've become a top source for many industries in getting LED lights installed in multiple locations. Even for a large mall like yours, we'll help you get the install done with no money down and with attention to your schedule.

We can also set up LED lighting outdoors in your parking lot. Thanks to LED's standing up to harsh weather conditions, you don't have to worry about them being damaged or burning out any time soon.

Contact us to learn more about our LightShare program, designed to make LED installations easier.

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