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LED Lighting is Smart Technology for Grocery Stores

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As an owner of a grocery store, you obviously know that making the food you sell look good is a major part of keeping your customers happy. Just like the marketing of food products on TV or print ads, lighting plays a big part in what makes food look appealing.

Despite this knowledge, it's easy to become complacent to sticking with the same old lighting systems. You may figure since you still have regular customers, you don't need to make a change.

Even if you've managed to get by using old incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, your energy bills are probably continually large.  It's time to switch to using LED lighting in your grocery store chain. LED lighting is smart technology for grocery stores in quite a few ways. Here are some:

The Aesthetic Appeal of LED Lighting

Did you know that LED lighting has color rendering properties? This is a great asset when you want your food products to look their absolute best in your grocery store.

Many grocery stores have used fluorescent lighting systems for years, making it a directionless type of lighting unable to highlight details. No wonder many grocery stores continue to switch to LEDs, especially to help meat and produce look fresh.

The color rendering index of LED lights is 80 (and sometimes higher), though they generate little heat. While incandescent and fluorescent bulbs actually have higher CRI's, they generate far more heat, making it tough on in-store produce or flowers.

Aesthetics are great asset with LED lights, though it's in the energy savings where you'll find the most compelling reason to switch.

How Much Can You Realistically Save On Your Energy Bills?

Overall, switching to LED lighting in your grocery store saves you between 50%-80% on your total bill. What's important is to hire an LED lighting expert to do an analysis of the lighting you currently use. They'll show you how much energy you're burning with older lights and what style of LED lighting would best suit your stores.

One of the great things about LED lighting is you can get it in flood or recessed light form, or even in different colors. Customizing is a true plus with LEDs for specific products in your grocery.

When you see how many fast food restaurants use LED lighting so successfully, you'll get a similar idea in how it's going to work in your grocery store chain. If you own more than one grocery store, the challenge in changing your lighting might seem daunting.

LED Lights as a Safety Measure

Once your outdated lighting starts going out in all your store locations, it probably feels like walking on a treadmill. After replacing the same lighting, it's only going to go out again within six months to a year, creating big maintenance challenges. Besides, incandescent bulbs are on the road to being phased out forever by 2020.

If you have similar lighting in precarious places, your maintenance crew could face injury during removal and installation.

For franchises, LED lights ultimately help you thrive from a safety standpoint since LEDs generally last for years.

However, a service getting LED lights installed quickly in multiple locations isn't always easy to find.

Finding a Service to Do Multi-Site LED Installation

No doubt you've balked on changing to LED lighting because you think it can't get done in all your grocery stores within a reasonable time frame.

At MultiSite LED, we're changing the game in installing LED lighting in many multi-site businesses. We can do the same with all your stores during convenient times so it won't interfere with your customers.  We do this through our convenient LightShare program where you don't have to pay any money down to get started.

Contact us to learn more about our LED installation process and how it's already helping grocery stores around the nation.

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