LED Lighting

LED Lighting is Solid State Technology for Healthcare

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Introducing LED lighting to the healthcare industry has helped millions of healthcare providers across the globe save money and improve the quality of patient care. From hospital operating rooms to the hallways of transitional care facilities, LED lights offer substantial cost savings and help create a clean, contemporary look that is enjoyed by staff and patients alike.

(Note: MultiSite does not provide services to healthcare facilities. In our blog we love to share content showing the many benefits and advantages of LED lighting across industries, even ones we do not serve.)

Below are five specific ways that LED lighting is positively impacting the healthcare industry. 

1) LED lighting is ideal for hospital operating rooms 


"In recent years, older halogen versions have been replaced by brighter, more energy-efficient LED options. LED surgery lights last longer than traditional incandescent versions and often incorporate more advanced control options to adjust illumination level, color temperature, and spotlight settings."

- DRE Philippines

The operating room is the nerve center of nearly every hospital or surgery center, regardless of location. Creating an ideal environment for surgeons to operate is essential to attracting top medical professionals and patients alike. Leaders in the medical equipment industry have virtually eliminated other types of surgical lighting in favor of LED lighting due to the following advantages of LED lights:

  • LED surgery lights typically have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • LED lights emit less heat than halogen lights, creating a cooler operating environment
  • LED lighting yields long-term cost savings because there are no bulbs to replace


2) LED lighting is a cost-effective choice for hospital parking lots

When many people think of hospital lighting, they think of ceiling mounted lights in the operating room. However, the utility of LED lighting extends well beyond the walls of the operating room into the hallways, waiting areas, and parking lots. Installing LED lights in parking lots and parking garage fixtures is an excellent way to enhance the overall facility appearance of a hospital while reducing parking lot maintenance costs. 


3) Many medical and dental professionals choose to wear LED headlights

Surgeons differ greatly in terms of their fields of specialty and lighting needs. LED headlights are particularly popular among oral surgeons, ENT surgeons, and other surgeons who operate within small bodily cavities. Surgeons who wear an LED headlight when operating on patients often prefer to wear them because they offer enhanced stability and brightness while fostering mobility during surgery.


4) LED lighting helps create a pleasant atmosphere in patient rooms 


"In patient rooms, use of recessed or surface mounted luminaires, with the addition of spots to create accent lighting provides a pleasant atmosphere and can be controlled by patients."

- National Institutes of Health

LED lighting can help create a positive experience for patients and their families. Research suggests that the hospitals stand to enjoy significant financial gain by upgrading lights in patient rooms to LED lighting. This is primarily due to the fact that hospitals operate long hours, allowing them to capitalize on energy savings and potential rebates.


5) Transitional care facilities and retirement communities enjoy significant cost savings

Hospitals and surgery centers are not the only types of healthcare facilities that can benefit from LED lights. Many people are amazed to learn that upgrading to LED lighting can help transitional care facilities and retirement communities save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Installing LED lights throughout transitional care facilities yields a bright, modern look and illuminates the following areas:

  • Facility entryways
  • Interior hallways
  • Dining areas
  • Dayrooms
  • Recreational areas
  • Parking lots


The Bottom Line

A growing number of healthcare facilities are choosing to replace their existing halogen lights with LED lighting. In addition to superb illumination, LED lights offer substantial long-term cost savings and are easy to maintain.

MultiSite LED loves to share LED information and news across industries as LED makes significant impact on all types of businesses. MultiSite LED only provides services however to the following business types:

  • Restaurants-Quick Serve, Fast Casual, Casual
  • C-Stores and Travel Plazas
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs
  • Grocery and Variety Stores
  • Hospitality, Senior Active Living, Senior Assisted Living
  • Retail-local, regional, and national chain stores
  • Property Management Groups-Shopping centers, office buildings, warehousing, multi-family
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities
  • Parking Facilities-Parking Lots, Parking Decks, Parking Garages

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the many ways that LED lighting can help your business if you fall into one of the above business types we listed. We look forward to hearing from you!