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The Biggest Challenges with Operational Cost of Quick Serve Restaurants

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Perhaps you've run a quick serve restaurant for the last few years and realize you're not really keeping costs under control. In many cases, restaurants like yours don't always pay enough attention to lighting as a serious reason for budgetary challenges.

No doubt one reason for this is because lighting is often taken for granted. Also, with the tradition of incandescent or fluorescent lighting systems being around for decades, it's hard for restaurants like yours to switch to something else.

Take a look at what outdated lighting could cost you, and why an LED installation will instantly reduce your energy bill.

How Much Does Outdated Lighting Cost You Per Year?

If you're still using incandescent lighting in your quick serve restaurant, energy calculators show continuing to use these lights would cost you $29 per year if you run it eight hours a day at 100 watts. When you consider you're likely using dozens of lights in your restaurant, this is going to add up to a considerable cost in a year's time.

Many restaurants like this keep using these lights, despite needing replacing at least twice per year. This only adds to your above annual cost.

It's similar with fluorescent lighting systems. They generally need replacing twice a year as well and typically cost around $32 per year.

Eliminating these and switching to LED's would automatically save you up to $80 per year based on their energy efficiency and longevity.

Quick Serve Restaurants Are Quickly Switching to LED's

You'll find online evidence that quick serve restaurants are starting to notice the savings from switching to LED systems. Many are switching because of the associated tax savings.

However, it's not just small, independent restaurants making the change. Big names like McDonald's and Burger King have already long realized what LED lights do.

Costs associated with your lighting systems likely aren't the only challenge your quick serve restaurant is facing. Outdated lighting can create other costs you didn't expect.

What Are You Paying in Maintenance Costs?

While you likely have maintenance crew on your payroll, you might have to pay them overtime to deal with replacing lights in your restaurant so often. Some of those old lighting systems are perhaps in precarious places. As a result, your maintenance crew may balk on wanting to install new lights out of fear of being injured.

This could relate to lighting in your parking lot. Since some of those lights are up on feet-high light posts, you may have to spend extra money to hire an expert to install them for you. If they have no particular expertise in LED lighting, they probably aren't going to give you any discounts either.

Of course, forcing your maintenance crew to continually install incandescent or fluorescent lights could mean one of them getting hurt, leading to possible legal costs.

Finding an LED Program to Help You Save Money

Rather than continue to use old lighting systems, it's time to find smart ways to get LED lighting installed. Those of you who own quick-serve restaurant franchises already know costs only deepen when it comes to lighting and other expenses.

At MultiSite LED, we offer our LightShare program, designed to help restaurants like yours be able to get LED lighting installed in multiple locations without massive cost.

We offer a complete analysis first to show you exactly how much using LED lighting will save you. Then we'll pick a time right for you to install these lights in all your locations. You'll be able to do this with no money down while enjoying a guaranteed future ROI.

Contact us to learn more about how our LightShare program works.

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