Energy Management Systems

Top 3 Reasons RESTAURANTS Should Consider aN Energy Management System

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energy management systemA new opportunity has emerged to help restaurants cut costs as well as reduce energy consumption. Advances in technology have led to the advent of affordable restaurant energy management systems (EMS) for all restaurant sizes. Under-served entities such as small and medium-sized restaurants can also implement EMS and enjoy its benefits. Regrettably, some restaurants are reluctant to adopt EMS because of various reasons including high installation costs, doubt about the efficiency of EMS, contentment with current systems, and unawareness about EMS. This article provides three compelling reasons you should consider a restaurant EMS.           

1. Reduction in energy consumption and expenditure

The number one reason for EMS is reducing energy consumption and expenditure resulting in energy savings. Restaurant EMS can help you save around 5-25% of the energy you use.

EMS energy savings emanate from implementing equipment controls without compromising restaurant operations and customer satisfaction. By saving energy, your restaurant saves money on energy bills.

MultiSite LED energy management solutions help your restaurant achieve significant cost savings in operations, maintenance, and utility. 

2. Maintenance and Loss Prevention

With EMS, you can monitor the condition of equipment such as cookers, refrigerators, lighting and signage, and HVAC. EMS helps you detect failures in advance and increase the life of costly restaurant equipment and building systems.

When failures are detected early, they are fixed promptly resulting in reduced recurring maintenance expenses. MultiSite LED EMS monitors your restaurant equipment from HVAC to refrigeration 24/7 and takes corrective action when needed.

When using EMS, you don't have to wait for routine maintenance to detect equipment malfunctioning and failure. The system detects it promptly and calls for immediate attention. Also, EMS allows previously unavailable remote access that offers visibility into equipment and their functioning.

EMS plays a fundamental role in food safety and equipment loss prevention. Equipment failure in a restaurant can cause monetary and non-monetary loss. It can affect a restaurant's profitability and operational performance.

Imagine when vital equipment such as HVAC and refrigeration fail. You can imagine the amount of food stored in the refrigerator and the resulting loss a failure can bring.

EMS alerts restaurants of equipment issues so that they can take corrective actions to prevent equipment failure and its associated implications. For instance, an EMS can notify its users when food supplies are in danger of power outage, equipment failure, and workers operational patterns.

With all these benefits of an EMS, restaurants can ensure food safety, prevent capital losses, and curb food losses.

3. Operational and behavioral improvements

EMS brings operational and behavioral improvements in restaurants. It helps a restaurant to be evaluated, ranked and optimized in energy usage, equipment performance, and compliance with energy policies.

Operational efficiency is achieved by monitoring energy consumption, diagnosing equipment conditions, and saving energy costs. By reducing operational costs, a restaurant diverts funds to other areas that increase its productivity and performance.

Because EMS saves energy, it contributes to a restaurant's corporate social responsibility. Additionally, EMS results in behavioral change with employees adopting energy saving practices and embracing EMS policies.

With ever-rising energy costs, restaurants are paying exorbitant amounts of money to energy companies. Fortunately, EMS is providing an opportunity for foodservice providers to save energy and reduce energy bills.

More and more restaurants are realizing that energy management systems are affordable, effective, and easy to implement, and they have been missing out. Do not allow your restaurant to continue missing this great technology. Contact the experts at MultiSite LED to discuss how your restaurant can gain from EMS.