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LED Upgrade Cuts Lighting Operations 79%

MultiSite LED completed nine KFC, Taco Bell, and YUM! combo stores to LED lighting in Q3-2017 for Fulenwider Enterprises as part of an overall roll-out. All existing lighting fixtures were inventoried including total count, total wattage, and operating hours for each area of the store. Many of the stores were remodeled, or scheduled to be remodeled, and only kitchens and parking lot lighting were remaining. The LED upgrade will result in substantial savings, eliminate lighting maintenance, and assure the facilities look and feel modern and up to date for years to come.

Substantial Savings
KFC restaurants are excellent opportunities for LED conversion. Most stores run 15-18 hours per day, maximizing energy savings potential. Additionally, drive through business puts a high priority on parking lot illumination. LED lifetimes are 3-7X longer than traditional lighting, eliminating hundreds of hours of bulb and ballast replacement annually.

The Time is Now
Traditionally, lighting upgrades are deferred until remodeling and renovations take place, but the ASAP program is only addressing dining rooms and restrooms. By deferring LED, you will pass up a huge savings opportunity. The MultiSite LED process allows a facility to be converted to LED overnight, without interruption to your business or operations

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MultiSite LED utilizes high quality, long life products from vetted and proven manufacturers, providing 5-10 year warranties and exceptionally long lifetimes

MultiSite LED

The Time is Now to Get LED
LED lighting is no longer the way of the future-it is the way of the present. From electricity and maintenance cost savings to attracting customers with a well-lit parking lot and a modern dining experience, LED can have a significant impact to your bottom line.


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