LED Lighting

LED Lighting: Updating Your Business's Old Lighting Systems

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Making changes in your commercial business is probably not your favorite activity in the world. When it comes to lighting, though, you likely realize you need to make some changes soon. After years of using fluorescent, incandescent, or CFL lighting, you can probably see you're not saving any money using these outdated lighting systems.

With continual high energy bills and needing to occasionally leave lights on in your business overnight, what can you do to find a solution?

If you're still new to LED lighting systems, it's time to consider them as a major lighting replacement. We'll replace your old lighting systems here at MultiSite LED through our LightShare LED program.

Take a look at how this changes the type of business you run.

Changing Your Lighting in Grocery or Retail Stores

More demands from customers may mean you have to keep your grocery or retail store open later. It might even mean your grocery store operating 24/7.

Since lighting is essential in both of these places to highlight products and allow customers to safely shop, it's time to take LED lighting seriously.

Considering LED's use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer, imagine how much your store is going to save in operating costs. You also won't have to worry about sending your maintenance crew into precarious places to constantly change burned out lights.

To highlight new products, LED's work well when installed as recessed lighting on a retail store's walls. LED's also have a better lighting quality that highlight product details.

Better Lighting in Your Car Dealership

Selling cars requires the best lighting you can find to highlight interior or exterior features. How frustrated have you been lately showcasing a car and discovering one of your display lights burned out?

Not only does this look unprofessional, it can turn off a potential buyer who can't see every detail of the car.

Dealerships have become a major business customer with us at MultiSite LED. Many of them care about the aesthetics of making new model cars in their showrooms look appealing. Since your welfare depends on selling these cars, we're available to help.

Keep in mind LEDs work well in parking lots and parking garages as well, creating safe lighting for your customers who park nearby. We can expertly install retrofit LED fixtures as a major update.

 Improved Lighting in Your Gym or Fitness Center

LED lighting can change the mood of a room as much as highlighting products. Medical reports in 2011 already showed LED lights being used to treat depression, so you can see the deep correlation.

For your fitness center, this is something to think about since many of your members need to stay motivated during their workouts. Having LED lights can help improve their mood and feel inspired.

Besides, you don't want to have to change your lighting systems every few months, especially when people fill your gym facility to capacity. You also don't want burned out lights while people work out. It looks unprofessional in any setting.

Upgrading Senior Living Facilities

Those who live in senior living facilities need to have proper lighting as well to help prevent depression. LED's are the answer, including better lighting in their rooms for reading and other tasks. Since many of these seniors may have trouble seeing, LED's provide brighter lighting for everyday living.

Your own senior living facility is perhaps aging badly and still has old fixtures designed for lighting from decades past. We're available to get you up to 21st century standards, including in multiple locations.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn about our multi-location LED lighting rollouts to reduce overall costs.

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