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6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Multi-Site Lighting to LEDs

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Commercial facility lighting has been a logistical issue since we first upgraded from gas lamps. Every company must balance the cost of bulbs and electricity against the need for clear workplace illumination, especially when you are lighting multiple commercial facilities.

 The more light fixtures you need to maintain, the more important it is to choose a fixture type with long-lasting bulbs and a low power demand. You may have already upgraded your fixtures in the past, adapting your multi-facility lights to a uniform fixture that can be easily supplied and maintained.

But as technology progresses, the most practical lighting solution will also evolve. Today, the best answer to efficient multi-facility lighting is LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes). Let's take a look at the six leading reasons why many businesses have already upgraded their multi-site light fixtures to LEDs and are reaping the rewards.

1) Reduce Your Energy Use and Costs

Energy efficiency isn't just a trend, it's a very practical approach to building management. Naturally, you want to keep your electricity consumption as low as possible to reduce your monthly costs, especially if you are on a plan that includes demand charges.

As you've probably already heard, LED are incredibly energy efficient and are the leading choice for both commercial and residential buildings looking to lower overall energy costs.

2) Potential Rebate From the Power Company

Many people don't realize this, but using less electricity is actually better for the power company as well. When a large multi-facility business uses less electricity, this leaves more juice on the lines for the countless small buildings and homes that need to pull from the supply. And they are willing to incentivize.

When upgrading your light fixtures to LEDs, there is a possibility that your power company will offer you a rebate for enacting a plan to use less electricity. This means you can quickly gain a portion of your ROI for the upgrades immediately.

3) Eliminate "Fluorescent" Headaches

LEDs also provide an interesting boost to the productivity of your staff across multiple facilities. Unlike traditional fluorescents and other commercial lighting options, LEDs do not flicker or hum in that familiar irritating manner. They also glow with a softer and more comfortable light, saving sensitive employees who tend to get migraines or headaches triggered by harsh fluorescent lights.

4) Shines At Cooler Temperatures for Safety

One benefit to LEDs that many people overlook is that they shine at a much cooler temperature than other lights. There is no burning filament inside or electrically charged gases inside a tube. If an employee comes into physical contact with a shining LED bulb, they are very unlikely to get a burn unlike traditional bulbs. And if there is a power surge, LED bulbs are not going to explode and put your staff in danger of burns or cuts from shards of glass.

5) Control Over Color and Brightness

In the past, the color of lights was determined by the quality of the filament or the gas inside the tube. But LEDs provide business owners the ability to choose the color of their light. Whether you prefer a cool blue-tinged white, a warm white reminiscent of filament bulbs, or even a new color each day, the right LED bulb can provide this flexibility. You can now decide what color your facilities are illuminated in for productivity or branding purposes.

6) Conveniently Long Life Span

Finally, over time LEDs will save you a surprising amount in maintenance and bulb changing. This is because a single LED bulb can last for years without fading, yellowing, or beginning to flicker. LEDs are fantastic for multi-site companies because they require little maintenance and will provide a consistent quality of light indoors, outdoors, and even in the face of extreme temperatures.


If you manage a multi-site business and are looking for an efficient low-cost lighting solution, accept no substitute for Light Emitting Diodes. Safer, longer lasting, low energy, and versatile there's nothing you can't do with a comprehensive set of LED fixtures in your facilities. And the best part is that retrofitting your existing fixtures is a quick and affordable process that your power company might even help you to finance. For more information about upgrading your multi-site lighting with LEDs, contact us today!

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