Using LED Lights Over Tables in Restaurants

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restaurant table lights

If you've finally realized the energy efficiency and long life of LED lights for your restaurant, the installation is your next step. Have you decided where you're going to place those LED lights so they help not only your customers, but also employees?

The first place to consider is the lighting over your tables. The type of LED light you choose here (and placement) are going to do a lot to help the aesthetics and overall feel of your restaurant.

Take a look at how we can help at MultiSite LED.

Analyzing the Type of Lighting Over Tables

Your first step should involve hiring an LED lighting expert like us to analyze what kind of lighting you really need over tables and booths. Our LightShare Program is already very popular in this regard where we analyze what you need before installations take place.

Those of you still using incandescent or CFL (fluorescent) lights are going to find out how much you'll improve table lighting by far. In the chance you're still using incandescent lights over your tables, you're probably noticing how high your energy bills are.

Most energy use calculators show incandescent lights cost $10.95 annually. In comparison, LED's cost only $1.83 per year, making it a no-contest situation on whether you'll save money.

CFL's cost $2.56 annually, which is in the LED ballpark, though still a wide difference.

Looking at what you're using and how much it's costing you is our first priority.

Creating Directional Light Over Tables and Booths

Many of your restaurant's open tables likely need more directional light to help your customers see the menu and other items. Did you know LED lights are more directional compared to other lighting systems?

Incandescent lights and CFL's create more diffuse light that make lighting a bit dim in open table situations. For booths, it works much the same, unless you're attempting to create mood lighting.

You can create similar situations with LED lighting thanks to availability in different styles. It's possible to even use different colors of LED lights to create a certain type of look to your restaurant. To really know what you need, we'll help assess what would work best.

Creating Cooler Lighting Over Tables

When we say "cooler" lighting, we mean literally. LED lights can certainly make lighting look cool, but it also makes the room feel cooler (as in temperature).

For the same reason you may use LED lighting in your kitchen area to keep things cooler for your kitchen staff, you'll want to do the same for your customers.

No one wants to sit at a table with hot lights blaring on them, especially during the summer. Even with air conditioning in your restaurant, hot lights could pose a problem. It also could bring issues with your food, particularly if you offer ice cream products on your menu.

Thanks to LED's dispersing heat, you can have them at close range over tables and booths without them being a burden.

Using Smaller LED's to Highlight Things Around the Table

To get a little more creative with your LED lights, it's possible to install small-size LED's for use around your table. These could be used around the floor area to prevent accidents if you have tables near precarious places.

Or, you could use LED's on the table to highlight some of your specialized menus. Without using lights on certain things, some customers may never pay attention to them.

Evidence shows more and more restaurants switching to LED lighting, and our projects with them show how much it's helping.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about our LightShare Program and how we can install LED's in your restaurant with no money down.