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Warehouse Lighting: Time for LED Conversions

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Running a warehouse is a pressure-filled job, and you probably haven't realized how much lighting plays a major factor in keeping everything together. It's easy to take lighting for granted when it's always there. Once your outdated lighting systems go out, though, it can bring all operations to a standstill.

It's even worse if your warehouse operates 24/7 as most do. If you're still using outdated incandescent or fluorescent lighting in your facility's interior, having them go out so often could pose a major security risk.  Switching to LED lights is the way forward to keep your warehouse safe and running efficiently at all times.

The Risk of Lights Going Out in Your Warehouse

One of the great things about LED lights is that they're more directional, making it excellent for warehouses where exacting tasks need doing.

If your old lights go out, imagine how much downtime this could bring in your productivity levels. First of all, your warehouse workers couldn't do their jobs normally if relying on lights in an already dark section of the facility.

Those of you who hire pickers in your warehouse also need to have good lighting so workers can properly read labels. Making just one mistake in being unable to read a label could throw off everything and lead to your warehouse's reputation being tarnished.

Don't forget that outdated lighting burnouts mean potential for falls as well. Having someone getting hurt in your warehouse is obviously one of your worst nightmares when trying to adhere to OSHA guidelines.

Waiting for Your Warehouse Lighting Replacement

Using outdated lights means them burning out faster than using LED's. This requires more time to set up replacements while possibly obstructing work duties.

You may have to wait for long periods before a maintenance worker can come in to replace those old lights. Crews may have other commitments, leaving dark areas in your warehouse for days more.

It's time to just scrap your old lighting and go for a professional LED lighting installation. You can count on an instant savings on your warehouse's energy bill thanks to burning 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer. You're also going to instantly save 50%-80% on your bill.

Bringing an Aesthetic Appeal to Your Warehouse

Some warehouses have to deal with the public, and yours may have customers coming in from time to time. In B2B businesses, especially, warehouse environments aren't always isolated areas.

Good LED lighting is going to bring a better aesthetic quality to your warehouse surroundings, particularly because of its directional quality. These lights work similarly well in other places like grocery stores and healthcare facilities. If you happen to offer products in a specific area of your warehouse, LED lights bring out more details and make the room look more inviting.

Since many warehouses usually look drab, LED lighting aids in improving moods. To keep your employees feeling better (especially the graveyard shift crew), LED's help eliminate any signs of depression so common in night work.

How your customers feel when coming in plays a big factor in how they'll react to buying one of your products.

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Finding a Fast Way to Upgrade Your Warehouse Lighting to LED's

Because your warehouse operates around the clock, you're going to need some major convenience in being able to upgrade quickly.  While you'll find a lot of sources to acquire LED lights, finding one that can install quickly and in multiple locations isn't easy to find.

At MultiSite LED, we're making this process easier with our LightShare program. We'll analyze your warehouse, find the best solution, then install your lighting at convenient times.

Contact us to learn more about the LED program we offer and how we'll change the way your warehouse operates. 

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