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Why Should You Use LED Commercial Light Fixtures in Your Business?

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led commercial light fixtures

Making changes to your business during a time when you're suffering from budgetary restrictions is never a fun situation. However, when it comes to cutting energy costs, you likely figure you need to do something. The good news is it's not as complicated to do this as you think.

Switching to LED commercial light fixtures in your business will help you immensely in saving anywhere from 50%-80% on your bill.

We can help you get there at MultiSite LED. Take a look at how this works without being a burden.

Going Beyond Savings for LED Commercial Light Fixtures

Depending on what your commercial business is, using LED lighting will help in myriad ways to help you bring in more customers, keep them safe, and make them feel good.

When you think about it, all of these work as subtle forms of branding.

For instance, did you know LED lighting enhances moods? You may own a restaurant where you want to establish a feeling of fun all the time. The type of lighting you're using now maybe isn't conducive to this.

It's no different in a grocery store or even a fitness club. Even if your customers can't readily tell the difference, it's always better if they don't know. You'll subtly entice them to feel better and buy something by using directional LED lighting.

LED Lighting Fixtures for Aesthetic Purposes

The use of LED lighting fixtures for aesthetics continues to grow. For instance, grocery stores use these lights all the time to help enhance the look of food (like produce). If food looks more appealing, it's going to convince your customers to buy over using duller lighting like incandescent or CFL lights.

In a restaurant, it's the same, especially while your customers eat their food. Retail stores work similarly when showcasing products.

Even outdoor areas of your business are enhanced when using LED lights. More and more businesses use LED lighting to highlight outdoor signage or for use in parking lots/garages.

In the latter case, it goes beyond making your parking lot look appealing. You can combine a safety aspect with parking areas because LED's basically turn night to day. Overly dark parking garages or parking lots operating into late hours have continually bright lights once LED fixtures become installed.

Bringing Better Safety

LED lighting bringing better safety was debatable for many years until more definitive studies were done. LED Magazine details a more recent study showing LED lights used outdoors deters crime by 39%.

Having definitive numbers like this should give you more assurance in making an LED investment. By using your LED lights in parking areas, walkways, and near steps, you'll also reduce any potential injuries from tips or falls.

When your customers know you've installed LED lighting fixtures, they'll have more confidence in visiting your business after dark. You may have decided to expand your hours to a 24-hour operation, making LED lights used outdoors more essential.

Finding More Convenience in Switching to LED Fixtures

Placing LED fixtures in your business and throughout multiple locations is a major challenge when you have no time to spare.

Considering the longevity of LED lights are now up to seven years or more (depending on level of use), you won't have to worry about replacing them in all those business locations any time soon.

Here at MultiSite LED, we've created our LightShare Program, allowing us to install LED fixtures in all your businesses with no money down.

We'll work on your schedule to make sure the installation occurs without obstructing normal business days.

Contact us to learn more about our program and our initial analysis to prove how much you'll save.