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Why Use One Lighting Company for All Your Business Locations?

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What happens in your business when one of your facilities needs lighting services? When a specialty light needs replacing or a fixture goes out? For most businesses, each facility manager is responsible for sourcing their own lighting services.

 They may do a quick online search to identify local providers, spend a day collecting and comparing quotes, and eventually they open an account and a work order with a local service.

But over multiple facilities, you can wind up working with a dozen different lighting services over the years. Each one with a different way of doing things, a different standard bulb they like to install, and a different way to bill your account when they're finished.

While the individual management method may work in theory, over time it can create quite the snarl of mismatched light fixtures, accounts open with various providers, and no one knowing who to call if a light goes out while the building manager is unavailable.

Today, we're here to highlight the value of choosing a single lighting services company for all your multi-facility lighting needs. It's all about simplifying your problems into a single easy to manage solution.

One Number to Call

Who do your facility managers call when the lights malfunction? If you don't already have an answer to this question, then time is inevitably lost every time someone has to source a new local lighting service. Checking out the options, comparing prices, and making a first work order takes time and the process is repeated every single instance your business needs lighting services.

With a multi-site lighting service, you can provide the managers of every facility with a single contact. No confusion or time lost to searching because the right service for the job has already been identified.

One Vendor to Work With

The second major advantage to choosing a single lighting team for your many facilities is consistency. Rather than working with a handful of different services that all have different best practices, you can be sure that your facilities are being lit with identical policies in place. 

This gives you the opportunity to ensure that all your light fixtures are the same, are in acceptable condition, and are burning the exact same kind of bulb. You can work with your one supplier to build a unified lighting plan that works best for your business and service will come from the same reliable supplier every time.

One Account to Manage

Every business owner knows that an ongoing account with a known business partner is better than opening dozens of truncated accounts with many different partners. Each lighting service processes their invoices and payments differently. But when you work with a single lighting service for all your facility needs, there's no need to learn or work with a new billing system each time.

Instead, you can create a steady ongoing account where you know exactly what to expect from billing and can handle it in a nearly automated fashion. Your lighting service will also learn how you prefer your accounts to be managed as you build a long-term business relationship.

One Unified Solution

Finally, there is the smooth-functioning ease of having a single lighting solution for every single facility under your control. No need to worry about facilities that have wildly different lighting needs and hiring specialty services to deal with this. Instead, your one multi-site lighting service can refit existing fixtures so that all warehouse lights are the same type, all office lights, all outdoor lights in every facility match up.

This will not only make it easier for your on-site staff to stock and change lights on their own, but it will also make it much easier and more predictable to manage multi-facility lighting maintenance and future upgrades.


Why work with dozens of lighting companies over the years when you can choose one multi-site lighting service to build your ideal lighting solution. Get to know the team, talk about your lighting needs, and develop a long-term relationship with your lighting service to get exactly what you want from your lighting in every facility.

For more information about how to optimize your multi-facility lighting with one unified service, contact us today!