Convenience Stores & Travel Plazas

Convenience Stores & Travel Plazas

If you haven't thought about the lighting you're using in all the stores or travel plazas you're managing, it's time to realize the importance. 


Operating convenience stores or travel plazas (or rest areas) along major highways is no easy task considering they work almost like a business franchise. With so many locations to keep up with for maintenance, you can easily fall behind if using outdated lighting systems.

Keep in mind that people visit these stores or rest areas day and night, lighting indoors and outdoors needs serious thought in order to keep your asset at the top of its game.

It's time to think about using LED lighting systems if you're still using old lighting for safety. and to keep your property attractive.

The Type of Lighting Used for Decades

You may not know that rest areas go back over 60 years here in the U.S. as part of our national highway systems. In the earlier days, they were considered safe places for truckers or travelers to stop at for restroom use or to relax after hours of time on the road.

Over the last several decades, they started to become target areas of crime, especially during nighttime hours. Statistics show an alarming increase in crime for all rest areas long major highways. Truckers are the unfortunate targets in many cases.

Many of these rest areas are now being replaced by travel plazas that offer gas and food. Even so, these places can become dangerous as well if visiting one during overnight hours.

Lighting is extremely important in both cases.

Poor Lighting in Parking Lots

There isn't any place as dangerous than a dark outdoor parking lot in a location someone hasn't visited before.

Many restaurants now use LED lighting in their outdoor parking lots for safety reasons. It's time your travel plaza or rest area did the same since many parking areas for those are often dimly lit. The reason they are is because you're probably still using old directionless lighting systems that easily burn out after a year or less.

The danger comes in many travelers and truckers sleeping in these rest area parking areas. Sleeping there isn't a smart thing to do anyway, though parking under an LED lighting system provides a brighter and more directed light on vehicles. This is more likely to deter someone from committing a crime.

Using LED Lighting for Interiors

It can become even more dangerous if you don't have proper lighting within the interiors of a rest area restroom. For travel plazas, it's no different if you provide a gas station area or restroom services on the grounds.

When it comes to franchisees, you're seeing increased use of LED's in everything from restaurants to convenience stores. Some of these elements likely make up your travel plaza as well, something you need to look into now if you want to improve safety and general business.

Considering LED's help improve moods as well, it can make a weary traveler stopping by more apt to spend money on something in your nearby store.

Saving Money on Operating Expenses

All those rest areas or travel plazas you manage likely cost a bundle each month in operational expenses. Operating these 24/7 is even more of a risky venture when you have to send out maintenance crews often to take care of burned out lighting.

You could face some serious legal repercussions not keeping your rest area or travel plazas well lit. A crime occurring there could mean lawsuits that become costly in litigation.

Using LED's are going to immediately save you 50%-80% on your energy bills. Yet, how are you going to get LED's installed in all those locations?

Here at MultiSite LED, we can get it done for you through our LightShare program. With no money down, we'll show you exactly how much you can save upgrading to LED lighting systems.

Contact us to learn more details about the LightShare program and how we can get LED light installation done at the most convenient times.

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