Introducing MultiSite ESP the radically different restaurant facility resource management & control platform

Focused on your Bottom Line!

MultiSite LED's ESP Control Platform is not just a typical energy monitoring system but rather a complete facilities resource management and control platform which combines state of the art hardware, cutting edge monitoring and evaluation software, and a dedicated and experienced  team to monitor, evaluate, automate, and control resources to improve your bottom line!   

The MultiSite ESP Platform maintains consistent operating schedules and practices for your thermostats, lighting, and walk-ins, across all facilities.

The MultiSite ESP Platform also has a HACCP module with a checklist that gets submitted electronically. If your crew forgets to take a measurement on time, someone from our 24/7 support center calls with a gentle reminder.

Completed checklists with photos from all your facilities are accessible by you on demand from wherever you are. The MultiSite ESP Platform even has an oil quality module - it measures the quality of your oil, and our support center notifies your store when it is time to change the oil for optimum quality taste.

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Managed For You 24/7

We watch your HVAC, Refrigeration, Lighting and Major Equipment 24/7,  taking corrective action as it is needed automatically. MultiSite ESP doesn't just give you a dashboard, It gives you a partner that delivers measurable results!

We Are Your Partner In Bottom Line Savings

We offer a proven service that will provide your company significant savings in operations, maintenance and utilities costs.


Guaranteed to Save You Time, Money, Effort, Energy, and Money!

24/7 Monitoring and Control 

A dedicated team is constantly monitoring and responding to alerts, warnings, and performance outliers. 

If major equipment is failing,  or under performing against an established efficiency baseline,  our team will analyze, and adjust.

We will also collaborate with your management and maintenance teams, even your third party contractors to address the issue.

Managed by Exception 

ESP is Different because we handle initial alerts and warnings- not your team!

The ESP Smart platform with 24/7 monitoring, and mobile interface focuses your service teams on the most significant and verified issues.

Collaboratively we work with you to separate the "Keep an Eye on it" from  the "Take Action" problems!

Proactive instead of Reactive puts you ahead of issues.

Optimized Performance

For multi-store operators, ESP optimizes hundreds of thermostats, HVAC and refrigeration systems, major equipment, and lighting schedules? 

Utilizing Intelligent tools and automation, we optimize electricity for  consumption(kWh), peak demand(kW), natural or LP Gas, and water use.

ESP assures the most efficient strategy is implemented across a portfolio of stores without sacrificing customer or employee comfort. 


Across your locations, we help you  achieve maximum cost and utility efficiency.  ESP Saves money and time-providing a ROI of less than 2 years! 

MultiSite ESP is the only system on the market that provides automatic management and corrective actions with active temperature monitoring and alarming, advanced equipment diagnostics, and measurable comfort all paid for by the savings our management solution provides. 

Temperature Monitoring
  • walk-in coolersLuma_Master Art_150ppi
  • freezers
  • reach-in units.
  • audio and visible alarms for under- or over-temp foods

Food Safety Digital Compliance Module

Walk-In temperatures logs and digital HACCP Compliance module tailored by brand.  Update and keep all HACCP forms and procedures in real-time, with 12 months of historical data readily available.

Enhance Customer Comfort

  • Provide a comfortable environment for customers.
  • Pre-programmed set-points with time-based overrides create the right experience for customers across your dining space and other operational areas while maximizing energy efficiency.
OilMS® Oil Monitoring Service Smart Fry Technology

A revolutionary oil auditing technology paired with our leading 24/7 EMC that will verify your oil quality to reduce costs and maintain food quality.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • ESP monitors and controls critical refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
  • Alarms are sent via text message or email when refrigeration equipment is above temperature.
  • Visibility and data extend equipment life by offering proactive management 
  • ESP is reducing overall maintenance expenses by 30% and extending equipment life by 3-5 years.
Increase Profitability
  • Reduce energy consumption by 15-35% for equipment.
  • Reduces unnecessary refrigeration run-times and executes HVAC and lighting schedules to maximize comfort and minimize energy consumption.
  • Dramatically reduce man-hours, travel time, and maintenance expense with automatic management and monitoring. 

We take this responsibility off of your shoulders and let us monitor, manage, and adjust to give you peak performance, better food quality, and bottom line savings.

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Maintenance - Example

Here's just one example of how the MultiSite ESP maintenance program helps to save business owners like you money and increase asset lifetimes.

Reduced working time of:

  • Walk-In Coolers by 36%
  • Walk-In Freezers by 49%
  • Increased life span of Walk-In Coolers by 3.6 Years
  • Increased life span of Walk-In Freezers by 4.9 Years

Economic Impact of Maintenance Reduction: $158,593

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operations example

Operations - Example

Consistent Walk-In temperatures are important for food safety. In addition to optimizing working time and defrost cycles, we also send gentle reminders to your crew when they accidentally leave the walk-in doors open.

After 5 minutes, the MultiSite ESP door sensor buzzes, and after 10
minutes our support center will call your crew and remind them to shut the door.  This also saves you money on your electricity bill!

  • Reduced Product Loss by 11.5% by regulating Walk-In
    Cooler and Walk-In Freezer temperatures
  • Improved Food Quality by lowering Walk-In Cooler Temperature
    by 9°F (From 46°F to 37°F)
  • Preserved Food Taste and Texture by normalizing Walk-In
    Freezer temperature to 7°F

Economic Impact of Food Quality Improvement: $23,598

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24/7 Live Monitoring & Management by the GSE Data Assessment Center (DAC)


The DAC (Data Assessment Center) is a specialized team primarily focused on positively impacting the client’s bottom line by translating big data received from the store level and finding opportunities to save time, energy, and  maintenance costs.

remote support team
  • The DAC is a specialized team primarily focused on positively impacting the client’s  bottom line by translating big data received from the store level and finding opportunities to save time, energy, and maintenance costs.
  • If deficiencies are located at site, DAC generates an O&M report and provides it to client.
  • The DAC will inform client of new strategy to improve efficiency at a store level, increasing performance, productivity and profit.
  • The DAC will partner together with the client and their individual departments at each site.

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Our Process

Site Audit

UIC-Utility Incentive Coordination

Implementation & Activate Proactive Management

Follow-Up and Continuous Improvement



Let our team of professional engineers vigilantly protect your stores every second of every day.

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