Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Gyms or Fitness Clubs

Switching to LED lighting is a cost-effective way to change how your members feel and the aesthetic of your gym.


If you've always had a hunch that lighting affects how you feel, it was more than just an intuitive feeling. It's absolutely true lighting affects moods in every living being. Despite this, it's amazing the world survived so many years using incandescent or fluorescent lighting in public places.

Those of you who own a gym or fitness club likely know how important lighting is, even if your clients may not know how much lighting affects them. It can also affect your office staff, leading to potential productivity issues.

How Could Lighting Affect Client Moods?

Science shows exactly what happens to your moods when you use outdated lighting systems. Since incandescent lighting is more diffuse than directional, it can often leave some rooms looking dimmer. Poor artificial lighting in homes is almost always tied to depression. 

You obviously don't want this type of feeling in your gym or fitness club. Nevertheless, you've probably used these older lighting systems for years, if even decades. Switching to LED's is going to help brighten your gym space since many illumination-grade LED lights are capable of training light in multiple directions.

While this is going to help bring a brighter room, it also helps your clients increase their serotonin levels. This is important to help them feel more motivated while they work out.


gyms and fitness clubs


The Aesthetic Aspect to Using LED Lighting

Thanks to LED lighting being available in different forms, you can also use them as flood lights or as recessed lighting. When highlighting specific gym equipment or products, LEDs bring out more details for a subtle sense of branding.

These small details might sound unimportant, but they're essential when you're pushing the use of specific exercise equipment you've invested in. The same goes with various exercise products you may sell on the side to increase your income.

As many LED lighting experts note, gyms also have high ceilings, making LED lighting all the better for highlighting certain things. Plus, eliminating outdated metal halide lights rids yourself of their buzzing and flickering that led to major workout distractions.

Saving On Your Energy Bill

Your gym is already racking up big energy bills, especially if using gym equipment requiring a plug-in. Everything from treadmills to playing videos (or TV) on gym monitors racks up your utility bill.

Using LEDs can save you a total of up to 50%-80% on your bill each month. Imagine what you could do with this money in improving other aspects to your fitness club.

When you see real-world cases, you'll also see how beneficial LED lighting installation is if your gym is a multi-location franchise.

How Can You Install LED's in All Your Gym Locations?

It might sound overwhelming to think about changing over to LED lighting in all fitness club locations, but it's possible with the right source.

At MultiSite LED, we've taken on numerous projects to help franchises thrive with new LED lighting in multiple locations. One real-world case occurred in a franchise of popular fast-food restaurants, saving them up to 79% on their collective lighting bills.  We can do the same for your gym or fitness club through our LightShare program, no matter how many locations you have.

This starts with our assessment of what type of lighting you're currently using, then an estimate of what you'd save switching to LEDs.  You'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to save in just one year thanks to LEDs lasting 20-25 times longer, including less maintenance.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about our LightShare program where you can install LED lighting with no money down. 

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