LightShare LED Conversion Program

Enabling business owners to make a simple, no money down decision to upgrade the lighting across a portfolio of facilities anywhere in the US.

Our Process



  • We collect a facility location list and a power bill from each location
  • We visit a representative number of facilities to assess existing lighting 
  • Lighting Layout and performance
  • Maintenance requirements and ongoing cost
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  • We determine best solutions for interior and exterior LED Conversion
  • Evaluate Utility Rebates and incentives
  • Utilize photometric analysis to optimize number, wattage and types of fixtures
  • Prepare a simple proposal determining the savings and financial opportunity
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Review and Approval

  • We review the products, proposals, and portfolio summary with you
  • Identify a benchmark facility or group of facilities (typically 1-6) for evaluation
  • Provide LightShare financing approval
  • Install LED in Benchmark facility(s) to confirm fixture selection
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Discover Our Difference


LightShare LED Program

MultiSite LED separates itself from traditional lighting companies with a programmatic, turnkey LED lighting solution designed for a roll-out across a portfolio of facilities. 

The LightShare LED program enables a business owner to make a simple, no money down decision to upgrade the lighting across a local, regional or national portfolio of facilities regardless of Location in the United States. 

Leveraging the savings from utility rebates, lower power cost and reduced maintenance cost, LightShare provides a 100% no-money down financing to help you save immediately. 

LightShare monthly payments will be less than the monthly savings-allowing a “share” of the savings to be used to cover the cost of conversion, and a “share” of the savings to be returned to your bottom line. 

It will improve the look and feel of your facilities, eliminate cumbersome maintenance, and enhance the bottom line.  LightShare is a simple and easy four step process.

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LightShare LED lighting program
  • LightShare provides a No-money down simple financing solution
  • Our One page application-only program provides approvals within 48 hours
  • The LED lighting qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction
  • We provide a portfolio wide evaluation to determine highest priority stores

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Is a KFC Franchise operator in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Operated by Ken and Rob Rhianna. Combining their eight stores into a single continuous project.

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Operates more than 300 Active Retirement Communities across the nation. 

The first 100% complete LED retirement facility in the country. 

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Dave Bell operates 4 KFC’s and KT’s in The Bay City Michigan area. Brian Denman Operates 4 KFC’s in the Saginaw MI area.


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client testimonial on lightshare


Chuck and Scott Peterka operate four KFC Locations on the NJ Shore.

MSL worked with them to upgrade to LED Lighting in all their stores. 


Our Happy Clients Say...

As far as dealing with MultiSite LED company, well, it doesn't get much easier to save money. The whole process was really easy and fast from the salesman to the installer.

I think if anyone wants to make money and get new lights paid for by your electric company, you need to check these guys out. I'm saving enough on my electric bill to pay for these new brighter newer looking lights and I will not ever have to worry about having to deal with buying and changing bulbs, and having an electrician come out and pay to change out inter parts of the light fixture for the rest of my time here.”

Mitch Harkins

Owner/Operator Cartridge World (4 locations Georgia)

MultiSite delivers! The LED conversion paid for itself and MultiSite's team could not be a better company to work with. We are very pleased!


32 Store Franchisee Owner