Multi-Family Housing

Multi-Family Housing

LED lighting is a cost-effective way to update existing property and can increase the appeal of multi-family facilities to prospective tenants. 


Opportunities that simultaneously save money and enhance operations rarely come along for businesses, but LED lighting for multi-family housing just so happens to be one. If you own or manage multi-family housing facilities, such as apartments, town homes, duplexes or other units, you will be pleased to know that LED lighting is perfect for your operation and tenants. 

Below is more information about this innovative, solid state technology and four benefits it will provide your properties.

Lower Your Energy Costs

When people casually think about LED lighting, they likely recognize there are energy savings available. However, the full extent of this savings isn't always fully recognized, as the benefit to businesses can be substantially greater than you may have thought.

Simply put, an LED light fixture utilizes only about one-fourth of the energy that is necessary to power an equivalent halogen fixture. That means you will realize significant reductions in your electric bill, especially if your facility utilizes a lot of non-tenant-paid lighting.

For example, parking lots, sidewalks, clubhouses, swimming pools, courtyards, laundry facilities and other common areas inside your housing complex are not paid for by tenants directly. As such, you can count on lowering the costs for electric bills alone by about 75 percent.

led lighting for multi-family

Simplify Your Maintenance Concerns

Another huge benefit that comes from switching from fluorescent or incandescent lighting to a solid state LED infrastructure is in maintenance simplification. In multi-family housing facilities, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of light bulbs that must be checked, replaced and inventoried, if you have not yet transitioned from outdated lighting. 

This is costly in terms of purchasing and storing fragile bulbs, and it is also a maintenance headache that won't go away on its own. However, if you replace old lighting units with LED fixtures that will provide maintenance-free service decades from now, you can eliminate this aspect of managing your facilities.

Maintenance staff will be freed to work on more substantial projects that can improve your bottom line and keep your facility up-to-date, rather than wasting valuable time on light bulb changes. In addition, by removing this aspect of frequent maintenance, you can provide tenants with more privacy and fewer  intrusions into their personal space.

Increase Safety for Residents

When it comes to LED lighting, another big positive for your multi-family housing complex is increased safety. With incandescent and fluorescent lighting technology, bulbs burn out and leave dark spots outside; these poorly illuminated areas can become magnets to criminals and threaten the safety of residents.

This isn't a problem with LED lighting. Since there are no bulbs to burn out, concerns about dark spots are dismissed, and residents can be confident in their well-lit, safe surroundings.

LED lighting is also a superior choice when used for maximizing visibility. This is especially apparent in parking areas and driveways, as LED lights provide a truer picture of the surroundings. The white light produced by LEDs is "cleaner" and helps residents find their way in the dark a lot easier than other, older technologies.

Enhance Appeal for Prospective Tenants

LED lighting comes in a wide range of color options, which can be skillfully incorporated into property decor, both interior and exterior.

In addition, the flexibility of LED lighting is a powerful asset when used correctly. As opposed to incandescent lighting, which can only be installed in a limited number of locations, LED lighting can be placed almost anywhere desired. For example, countertop lighting in bathrooms and kitchens becomes a simple matter when LEDs are used.

If you have questions about LED lighting and would like to know more about upgrading your existing lighting, be sure to contact MultiSite LED. We are specialists and can help you with all of your LED lighting needs.

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