Parking Garages & Lots

Parking Garages & Lots

If you haven't thought much about the lighting aspect to your parking garage, it's time to take it more seriously.

This is especially true if you keep your business open into the late evening hours.


The business you own may have a specific location that can't accommodate an outdoor parking lot, hence the use of a parking garage to compensate. While you may not prefer such a situation, you may have no choice but to make customers park there. Even if you've made parking there free, have you thought about how well lighted it is?

LED lighting helps immensely in keeping your parking garage stay safe while improving aesthetics.

The Use of Outdated Lighting in Parking Garages

You may remember the older days when most parking garages used old incandescent or fluorescent lights to keep things lit. These never worked well because they'd constantly burn out and jacked your power bill up.

Replacing these lights was likely even more of a burden, particularly if you had parking garages with high ceilings or placed in precarious places.

Statistics show many parking garages still use lighting sources like HID luminaires. These are known for poor uniformity and less light distribution in specific areas. They also burn more energy than LED's do.

Switching to LED's can save you between 50% to 80% on your energy bills, something that could save your business if dealing with budget cuts.

LEDs for Safety in Parking Garages

Perhaps you've experienced some crime in your parking garage over the years. While this isn't unusual for parking structures like this, were those incidents the result of poor lighting?

The safety aspect to your parking area needs serious addressing since it could lead to legal problems if you don't keep the area lighted well.

Statistics show crime in parking lots like this are in the hundreds of thousands each year. These same stats show LEDs help prevent crime from occurring. Just be sure to place your LED lighting in all areas of your parking garage. One small dark area could mean someone being mugged or having their car stolen.

Fortunately, LEDs have more directional light to aim at these darkened sections.

Preventing Ongoing Maintenance

With your maintenance crew busy with other things, you may have burned out lights in your parking garage for extended periods. As a result, it's going to increase the possibility of crime again, including potential accidents.

Some isolated areas of these parking lots can become so dark, someone might accidentally hit a pedestrian or object with their car.

Most LEDs last for years, depending on how much you use them. If you only keep them on for eight hours a day, your LED lighting system in your parking garage could last up to 17 years.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Parking Garage

You may think a parking garage is impossible to have any aesthetic appeal. This isn't always true if you use your parking area as part of the branding experience for your business. You may place signage in this area to promote certain sales or products, or even use certain colors in the paint to represent your brand.

Having good lighting to highlight these features is important, but also to make it look enticing to enter your business without looking like a concrete cavern. So many parking garages do look like the latter, but LED lighting makes things look better.

Plus, with LED lighting affecting moods, you can make your customers feel better before they even enter your doors.

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