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As the owner of a retirement facility, have you thought about how lighting affects the residents living in your communities? 


Even the retirees living in your facility may not realize how lighting affects them. Considering they grew up in the era of incandescent bulbs, they may not understand what this kind of lighting is doing to them.

Adding LED lighting in your retirement facility will bring you many advantages and reduce your bottom line also.

In the age of LED lighting systems, you can change how your residents feel. You'll also bring ways to save money if you're already facing budget challenges.

How Does Lighting Affect Moods?

Science continues to show that lighting has a direct impact on how we feel. In your retirement complexes, you may have residents who already experience problems with depression.

Evidence shows switching to LED lighting helps those experiencing depressive moods. One reason behind this is LED lighting systems give you more control. It's possible to create different wavelengths, colors, and lighting temperatures.

As a result, you'll increase serotonin levels while suppressing melatonin. The latter is a frequent culprit in creating depressive feelings. In many cases, this comes from lighting sources emanating blue light.

Preventing Maintenance on Lighting

If you can change how people feel in your retirement communities with LED lighting, the maintenance angle brings as many advantages.

LED lighting generally lasts longer (depending on length of use) without worry of replacements every six months to a year. Having to change incandescent bulbs on a regular basis in all the rooms of your residents can become a major hassle.

It's especially problematic when you have lighting placed in awkward areas around the facility. Sending maintenance crew to change those lights so often could lead to accidents, including disruptions to residents or patients.

The Cost Savings

Proof is already out there of how much money LED lighting can save you. For a retirement community like yours, it's essential to find ways to save money. No doubt you already suffer from budgetary concerns every month.

Perhaps you're starting to notice how high your energy bills are because you use older forms of lighting 24/7. Even if some of your residents turn out their lights when going to bed, other rooms or facilities may need to keep lights on all the time for various reasons.

In a case where you have a medical facility on your grounds, you may need to keep lighting on all the time to handle emergencies. Or, you may have security stations that require keeping lights on at all hours.

At MultiSite LED, one of our recent LED lighting projects saved a chain of restaurants up to 79% on their lighting bills.

Real-World Cases

Sometimes it pays to read about real-world examples where LED lighting helped other retirement facilities save money.

One of our other projects occurred for Holiday Retirement, a franchise with 300 retirement communities across the nation. When we installed LED lighting in these communities, they saved up to $16,922 in annual lighting operations.

The lifetime savings for LEDs in their facilities has a projection of $407,863, not including a product lifespan of over 18 years.

LED lighting is bringing even more needs to those who've decided to live in retirement facilities for the rest of their lives.

How Else Can LED Lighting Help Your Residents?

Now that you see the psychological and financial benefits to LED lights, they work on other levels as well. Since LEDs provide high-quality illumination, it's going to bring more safety around walkways or other precarious areas.

Thanks to adjustable lighting, it's also going to bring more comfort to residents in helping them see better for various activities. For reading, LED's are brighter, as well as illuminating more details for any hobby or project.

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