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To Finance or Not to Finance?

This is one of those questions that comes up all the time. We hear it from customers concerned about financing; “What’s the rate? For how long? I don’t pay interest! I don’t finance anything!”

So why could this be the wrong approach? It all depends on who you don’t want to pay...Putting a conversion off just 90 days, while waiting on cash, will cost you more than the financing cost over for 4 years!

It’s All in the Numbers
Taking a conservative approach, with average energy costs, you will spend $6,200* per year for power, ballast, bulbs, and bucket trucks to keep your old lights operational.

So, you are already paying someone to keep the old lights operational. Realizing the cost is now incremental, sooner or later, you will also have to pay for the conversion to LED.

Going LED now, will save you around $5,000 per year. So, why not turn the lighting expense into a lighting investment?  
Redirect your Lighting Expense and Start Saving Immediately!
It really is a pay now and pay later situation. Taking an average store, you are already paying over $500 per month to keep the lights on, so if MultiSite LED can provide new lights, lower electricity cost, eliminate maintenance, and reduce total cost to $425/month (4 Yrs., 5% EFA). 

Why not pay less?  In the next 10 years, it will save you nearly $35,000*!

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Cash vs Lease**

Don’t want the Debt?

Ask us about LED lighting as a service. It’s totally off the balance sheet and treated like a subscription.

Tax Savings and Energy Savings

LED lighting qualifies for several tax deductions. In many cases, 100% of the cost can be deducted in the first year.

LED Lighting is an Energy Saving Asset

It can generally qualify for section 168 if it cannot be taken as an accelerated deduction. Please consult your tax professional to learn the benefits of installing LED lighting.

Want to Pay Cash?

Here are the numbers and assumptions, based on a $15,000 project. On a cash project, you can either take 15-20% of your operating profit and pay cash.

Leasing Could be Better

Look at the $1,000 in potential rebates, and $5,000 in annual savings and use a simple financing vehicle to get it done.

Delaying Costs You!

Putting it off just 90 days waiting on cash will cost you more than financing it for 4 years!

*The example above assumes energy cost are constant. The average rate is actually going up more than 5% per year, so real savings is underestimated.
**The numbers and averages for this example were taken from a portfolio of 11 stores surveyed in NC, SC, TN, and WV. Some stores were already remodeled, and did not include dining rooms, restrooms, or counter lighting, and does not take into account any LED lighting previously installed.

The average cost of power was $0.11/kWh. The average store received approximately 6% of the total cost in utility rebates. Utility rates, and rebate amounts vary, and project cost varies based on many factors.  

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