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Currently, energy costs are on the rise. Businesses are struggling with high energy bills that result in high operating costs and thin profits. Many enterprises are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and hence cut their energy bills and increase profitability.

They are turning to energy management systems that monitor a business' energy consumption, reduce energy waste, and cut energy costs. 

MultiSite LED is a leading LED Lighting Company that has come to the rescue of enterprises by offering them energy management systems that lower energy bills, save money, and increase the bottom line.

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MultiSite LED is a national provider of LED lighting solutions (Lighting as a Service), and Energy Management Systems for multi-location businesses. 


LED Lighting

MultiSite LED helps businesses convert their existing lighting to LED lighting. This conversion results in cost savings and enhances your organization's bottom line.

You don't have to worry about the cost of the conversion because the savings it emits pays for the conversion. LED lighting offers high quality and efficient lighting that transforms the energy and maintenance of your business.

Lighting conversion has positive outcomes for better light, longer life, and lower cost. LED lighting has a superior color rending, gives your facility a fresh look, and lasts longer.

LED fixtures last between 10-20 times longer than traditional lighting such as fluorescent. LED lighting offers 50-80% energy savings and cuts lighting maintenance costs by around 95-100%.


Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS)

MultiSite LED acknowledges that many businesses evade LED retrofits because of the huge upfront costs required.

To tackle this concern, MultiSite LED has developed a Lighting-as-a-service program to help organizations embrace LED lighting without worrying about the upfront costs.

The LightShare LED conversion program allows organizations across the US to upgrade their lighting in all their facilities.

With LightShare, you get 100% no money down financing and hence no upfront fees required. You get one-day approvals for the retrofits and the project uses products that qualify for Section 179 tax deduction.

An organization uses the money it saves from low energy costs and reduced maintenance expenses to pay for the retrofit on a monthly basis and saves a portion of the money.

This is where the notion of LightShare comes from; you share the saving between covering the cost of conversion and increasing your bottom line.        

lighting as a service
energy management system

Energy Management System

MultiSite LED assists businesses monitor and control their energy use through the MultiSite ESP. MultiSite ESP is not a mere energy monitoring system but a platform that helps in resource management and control.

It merges modern hardware, monitoring and evaluation software, and an experienced team to monitor, evaluate, and control resources in your business.

MultiSite ESP monitors refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC 24/7 to give you the desired outcome. It has a team that responds to alerts, warnings, and performance problems.

The team addresses any issues that arise such as equipment failure to ensure that your business runs uninterrupted. MultiSite ESP stands out from other EMS because it has 24/7 monitoring and mobile interface.

It is the only EMS in the market that has automatic management, advanced equipment diagnostics, and automated corrective actions.

MultiSite ESP ensures the optimum performance of all equipment, HVAC, and refrigeration system across all your stores. It guarantees efficiency without sacrificing customers and employees' needs and comfort.

ESP has positive outcomes for utility efficiency, money saving, reduced energy use, decreased maintenance costs, increased profitability and  ROI of less than 2 years.

ESP reduces maintenance costs by 30% and equipment energy consumption by 15-35%. For restaurants, ESP enhances food quality and improves customer comfort by offering a comfortable environment in the dining space. 

Who is it for?

Any business can benefit from MultiSite LED lighting solutions and EMS as long as it has moderate to high lighting demands. MultiSite LED works to reduce energy consumption and hence cutting energy and maintenance costs. Enterprises benefit from enhanced facility appearance, increased sales, improved employee safety, lessened crime rates, and lower energy bills.

MultiSite LED works with different industries and applications including:

  • Grocery and variety stores
  • Retail
  • Dealership
  • Gyms and fitness clubs
  • Senior living facilities, retirement communities, and multi-family housing
  • Local, regional and national chains stores
  • Schools and training centers
  • Parking facilities
  • Manufacturing and warehousing facilities
  • Office building, warehouses, and shopping centers

 Why Choose MultiSite?

  • MultiSite LED offers the best and most cost-effective lighting solutions. It chooses the best products in the industry for its customers and installs them well. With MultiSite LED, you don't have to worry about the high costs of LED lighting and retrofits because it sources its products directly from manufacturers and hence circumventing costly supply chain.    
  • MultiSite LED solutions are focused on meeting the unique needs of businesses. They treat every business as a unique case and work to provide the best solutions for its unique needs. Whether your business is a restaurant or an office, MultiSite LED can work with you to identify the best remedy for your needs.
  • MultiSite LED acts as a lighting services energy partner to assure that LED conversion and EMS meet the desired outcomes. It ensures that your retrofit achieves aesthetics and energy-saving goals.
  • MultiSite LED has a unique approach to multi-location LED conversions and EMS. It works with a few facilities; first to evaluate performance before it can proceed to the entire series of facilities. Issues are identified and addressed before implementation is conducted in large scale. 
  • MultiSite LED aims to minimize disruptions to your business during project implementation. It works on your facilities during off-hours so that your business is running during on-hours. For example, in the case of a restaurant, MultiSite LED team works at night so that by morning all work is done.

MultiSite LED is a leader in energy management through LED lighting and EMS. It acknowledges that with the ever-rising energy costs, businesses must devise ways to cut energy consumption, reduce energy bills, and improve their bottom line.

Therefore, MultiSite LED has developed various products ranging from LED retrofits to ESP and LightShare to help firms save energy and money and reduce environmental impact for their multiple facilities.

The good thing is that MultiSite's work has minimal disruption on your business operations because their team works during off-hours. If you are considering a LED retrofit or EMS, contact the experts at MultiSite LED and they will help you throughout the journey.  

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